Friday, March 12, 2010

The Yeast Beast

One of my biggest challenges with Lukas' gut health is dealing with his yeast overgrowth.  His latest blood analysis shows continued overgrowth of yeast, as well as, a parasite, called Leptotrichia buccalis. This parasite lives on carbohydrates found in the gut.  So, instead of Lukas absorbing, digesting these foods, they are going to the parasite.  Here's a healthy blood sample:

This picture illustrates the yeast overgrowth:

And, here's a magnified picture of the parasitic activity in his blood:

So, to combat this we are starting a new group of supplements twice daily.  We will also be eliminating as much fungus/parasite happy/supportive foods as we can.  Here's a list of foods to avoid:
Sugar and sugar based treats and foods

Semolina Pasta (spinach pasta is fine)
Rice and rice milk
Fresh Fruit
Dried Fruit
Jelly and honey
*Corn and all corn products
*Ice Cream
*Soy products
*Meats with nitrates in them
*Peanuts, Peanut butter, or pistachios
The starred items are current allergens for Lukas so he won't miss them.  But check out the first few.  Fruit??  Sugar?  Now all my crunchy mama types are saying, "Well, I don't feed my child sugar".  Uh huh. Check the labels on the foods you eat.  Natural or artificial, fruit sugars, dried fruit, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, honey, molasses, agave, dextrose, sorbitol, xylitol (corn derived unless otherwise noted)....its all considered sugar.  Stevia and xylitol (from the Birch Tree only) are the two types of sweetners that do not feed yeast/parasites.  For more information on xylitol from birch, check this out:
So, what can we feed him?  Parasites and fungus do not grow on the following foods:
Nuts (out for us due to allergies)
Did I mention he's 3???  When was the last time you heard a 3 y/o ask for steamed brocolli and flax seeds???  Here's some samples of what he currently eats:
Breakfast:  We've been experimenting with egg yolks for breakfast, but his skin is so aggravated right now, it's really hard to tell what he's tolerating.  Food For Life makes a sprouted grain cereal, but it pretty much tastes like butt.  So, he's not a huge fan.  Think grape nuts.  Bland, brown, barf.  As a backup, he gets a bowl of unsweetened rice cereal with hemp milk.
Lunch: We're dabbling in the sprouted grain breads ( , but they seem to be bothering him as his eczema is flared pretty bad.  Sunbutter ( or hummus sandwich.  Vegetable or sweet potato 'chips', chicken nuggets (homemade), nitrate-free lunch meat (at approximately $11 per pound!!!).
Snacks:  Lukas is a pretty big fruit fan so snacktime has been rough.  He has Enjoy Life snack bars (, seed crackers (http://www.mary' with hummus or avocado, sunbutter or beans. 
Dinner: Meat, I'm learning (ok, attempting) how to cook beef and pork.  We eat a lot of chicken and turkey. I am looking for bean and/or vegetable recipes.  Please send me some:
Our new plan is for roughly 1 month.  At that time, we will have his blood re-evaluated.  We will also continue the N.A.E.T to eliminate the yeast and other allergens.  Wish us luck!
Peace, love, and healthy eats,

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