Thursday, March 25, 2010

Will We Ever Sleep Again?

Springtime pollen, new cocoa loco snack bars, granola, soaps, detergents, yeast, sugar, bedding.  These are all the things I question to be at fault for why I am up.  It's 1:25am.  Lukas has been up for over an hour now.  Scratching.  Ears, head, hands (they are open, bleeding), wrists, knees, calves, feet.  Non-stop scratching.  I can't stand the sound.  Nails on skin.  He wants to sleep, but his little body is so itchy.  We've tried hydrocortisone, aquaphor, prescription steroid creams, wet wraps, Benadryl, Atarax, Zyrtec on different ocassions.  Nothing touches the itch.  Something in his bedding?  We're on the couch, a blow up mattress, it doesn't matter.  Still itching. 
Diet?  His diet has been consistent.  Well, it had been.  We tried introducing new food, gradually, after a few NAET sessions.  Today, he had egg yolks for breakfast and got into some granola this afternoon.  It's hard to say which he is reacting to, but I'm guessing its the oats (gluten).  He also played outside all afternoon.
Oh, wait.  He's quiet.  Not scratching...Off to try to get some sleep before we're up again.

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